Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – On October 31, 2023, a remarkable event brought together industry leaders and visionaries. OTC Markets, an U.S. marketplace for international companies seeking to access U.S. investors, hosted an event, aptly named “OTC Markets: Marketplace for International Companies to Access U.S. Investors.” As the first approved OTC Markets premium provider in Asia, Hexcellence Consulting jointly co-hosting and served as the prime sponsor for this occasion, alongside OTC Markets.

▲ Pathways for Companies Aiming to Enter the U.S. Capital Market

The event focused on three essential pathways for companies aiming to enter the U.S. capital market: Cross-trading, Initial Public Offering (IPO), and Reverse Takeover (RTO). Each of these pathways presents distinct opportunities and challenges for international companies looking to access the vast pool of U.S. investors.

Among the notable guests in attendance was OTC Markets’ Head of APAC Business Development, International Corporate Services, Catherine (Chao) Shang. Her presence underscored the significance of the event and the growing importance of the APAC region in the global investment landscape.

Hexcellence Consulting’s Managing Director, Seah Chia Yee, graced the event with his presence, reaffirming the firm’s commitment to providing advisory services for companies seeking to navigate the U.S. capital markets. He was accompanied by the firm’s Partner, Yee Chee Yong, and Dennis Loh Yee Nam, as well as thier core management team.

The event also welcomed representatives from various organizations, including Agape ATP Corp, Call W Berhad, Capitale Ventures Pte Ltd, Emergence Innovative Sdn Bhd, Esente Advisory, Fin8 Corporate Advisory Sdn Bhd, Gemilang Media Utama Sdn Bhd, Hampstead Pergola Capital Limited, Hueck Capital Sdn Bhd, Proneer Global Sdn Bhd, Vcorp Capital Sdn Bhd, WYNCORP Advisory Sdn Bhd, Zul Rafique & Partners, Marcum Asia CPAs LLP, FirstTrust China Ltd., Semenyih Eco Venture Resort & Recreation Sdn. Bhd., Integrated Gaming Platform, CSH Bakery & Confectionery Sdn Bhd, Sierra Pools, MRCB, and Primus Advisory.

▲ OTC Markets’ Head of APAC Business Development, International Corporate Services, Catherine (Chao) Shang

During the event’s opening speech, Ms. Catherine (Chao) Shang, shared insights on the advantages of Cross-Border Trading. She highlighted the cost-effectiveness of making shares publicly tradable in the U.S., with expenses as low as 1% of what an IPO would entail. This approach carries no additional legal risks, compliance burdens, or accounting complexities. Moreover, it enhances company valuation and trading liquidity while expanding the U.S. investor base.

Supporting these insights, data from the Oxford Metric Study provided convincing evidence for companies to explore Cross-Trading on OTC Markets. The study revealed a marked surge in share valuation within the OTC QX market and a substantial uptick in trading volume, both in the U.S. and the companies’ respective home markets. Furthermore, this strategy has proven to broaden the shareholder base and strengthen corporate presence in the U.S.

▲ Managing Partner of Hexcellence Consulting, Seah Chia Yee

Following Ms. Catherine (Chao) Shang’s enlightening speech, Hexcellence Consulting’s Managing Partner, Seah Chia Yee, took the stage to elaborate the processes and challenges associated with two other listing pathways: Initial Public Offering (IPO) and Reverse Takeover (RTO). He also pointed out the main differences between these approaches. Mr. Seah Chia Yee highly recommended Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to consider uplisting to OTCQB and OTCQX. This strategic move can enhance liquidity and boost their visibility to a global investor audience, providing SMEs with a valuable opportunity for growth and success.

As a Southeast Asia consulting firm, our primary objective is to establish valuable connections between local businesses and the global financial market. Nestled in the heart of Southeast Asia, we’ve have witnessed the emergence of numerous promising companies venturing into the international financial arena. With our team of professionals, which includes legal experts, financial advisors, and communication specialists, we are fully confident in our ability to offer comprehensive assistance to these companies. Our mission is to guide them through the processes of listing and fundraising, supporting their growth and success in the global market.

▲ CEO, Director of Marketing & Founding Partner of Esente Advisory, Dr. Darren Wong

▲ Senior Partner of Marcum Asia CPAs LLP, Jason Tang

In the subsequent discussion, Dr. Darren Wong, the CEO, Director of Marketing, and Founding Partner of Esente Advisory, has emphasized the crucial role of investor relations (IR) for publicly listed companies. He made a simple yet essential point: companies that actively engage with their investors tend to see higher stock prices compared to those that don’t prioritize IR. Dr. Wong’s insights highlight how investor relations significantly impacts a company’s overall performance and success.

Next up, Jason Tang, a senior partner at Marcum Asia CPAs LLP, shared important insights about the difficulties companies face when trying to list on U.S. Capital Markets, especially in relation to accounting standards. Mr. Tang explained the complex challenges and problems that businesses encounter when they need to meet the strict U.S. accounting standards. This information sheds light on the crucial financial aspects that companies need to deal with when thinking about listing on these markets.

Overall, this event marks a significant advance in enhancing understanding and access to U.S. capital markets for international companies. It served as an active hub for knowledge exchange, fostering valuable connections and offering invaluable insights to all attendees.



On August 15, 2023, VinFast Auto Ltd. (NASDAQ: VFS), a Vietnamese electric vehicle company owned by Vietnam’s wealthiest individual, Pham Nhat Vuong, successfully merged with Black Spade Acquisition Co., a special purpose acquisition company under the stewardship of Lawrence Ho Yau Lung and was successfully listed on the NASDAQ stock market. On its debut trading day, VinFast’s stock price increased by an astonishing 254.64%, briefly propelling its market capitalization to approximately $86.05 billion, solidifying its leading position in the Vietnamese electric vehicle sector.

▲ VinFast’s CEO, Le Thi Thu Thuy

During the bell-ringing ceremony, VinFast’s CEO, Le Thi Thu Thuy, expressed optimism, stating, “Listing on the U.S. capital market represents a monumental achievement for us. This listing opens doors to our future engagement with the capital market.” Today’s success not only highlights VinFast’s commitment to sustainable global mobility but also presents opportunities for expanding its presence in the capital market and future growth.

As VinFast expands beyond Vietnam, the company is preparing to unveil three innovative vehicle models. Concurrently, VinFast’s factory in North Carolina, USA, has begun operations, marking a significant step in the company’s global expansion and the development of its North American supply chain.

It’s worth noting that prior to VinFast, the only Vietnamese company to enter the U.S. capital market was Cavico Corp (“Cavico”). Cavico achieved Nasdaq listing status with the ticker symbol CAVO on September 18, 2009. Regrettably, Cavico was delisted from Nasdaq less than two years later due to non-compliance with disclosure requirements. Since then, no Vietnamese company has managed to penetrate the U.S. market successfully.

VinFast’s successful entry into the U.S. market not only signifies their remarkable achievement but also serves as an inspiration for other Vietnamese enterprises seeking international expansion. This accomplishment challenges the notion that Vietnamese companies cannot thrive in foreign markets, offering boundless possibilities for those aspiring to follow in VinFast’s footsteps.

We have been receiving numerous inquiries from individuals interested in understanding the process of listing on NASDAQ exchange and obtaining a listing code, as well as the associated costs and significance of such a move.

The NASDAQ main board is known for its stringent regulatory oversight by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”), the exchange itself, and the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (“PCAOB”). Among the critical stages of listing is the financial audit, which goes beyond mere financials to encompass rigorous due diligence on legal and operational aspects. Listing in the U.S. requires adherence to International Financial Reporting Standards (“IFRS”), setting it apart from the accounting practices of many smaller businesses.

Obtaining a NASDAQ listing code may not be overly complex, but navigating the SEC and NASDAQ inquiry process can be intricate. The listing journey involves transforming a company’s equity assets into tradable securities, and as such, it requires rigorous due diligence to safeguard investor interests and build market trust. A successful listing opens up new opportunities for trading, financing, and expansion, potentially leading to increased valuation and the possibility of mergers and acquisitions.

However, it is essential to clarify that acquiring a NASDAQ listing code does not equate to a successful listing; rather, it is just one step in the overall process. True success is achieved when a company successfully navigates SEC and NASDAQ inquiries, gains listing approval, and commences trading.

Key Steps in the NASDAQ Listing Process

To achieve legal compliance, stable operations, and fulfil listing requirements, it is imperative for the company, especially newer ones, to undertake a comprehensive financial “clean-up” process. This involves standardizing financial reporting and engaging a team of seasoned professionals, including U.S. lawyers, Cayman lawyers, U.S. auditors, brokers, and broker lawyers, to meticulously draft the prospectus.

The prospectus should encompass essential aspects, starting with a well-crafted introduction, followed by a comprehensive business overview, including a detailed explanation of the business model. The financial section must include audited financial data for at least two periods, accompanied by audit reports.

Apart from financials, the prospectus should also encompass a thorough explanation of the company’s structure and legal considerations, including compliance with both Malaysian and U.S. laws, ensuring transparent and detailed disclosures throughout. Professional guidance firms play a crucial role in coordinating various intermediaries to successfully submit the initial version of the prospectus to the SEC.

Companies have the option to choose between confidential and public submission methods. Confidential submission restricts access to the disclosed information solely to the SEC, while public submission makes the information accessible to anyone with internet access via the SEC’s official website.

However, it is essential to emphasize that the prospectus should adhere strictly to all regulatory requirements. Mere disclosure of information does not guarantee listing; the company must be prepared to undergo rigorous SEC and NASDAQ inquiries, secure listing approval, and successfully complete the initial public offering (IPO) financing for a successful listing.

Potential Pitfalls with Non-Standard Listing Approaches

  1. Opting for a NASDAQ code before focusing on standard prospectus disclosure may cause delays and increased communication, time, and cost in subsequent steps.
  2. Even with public transparency, insufficient information disclosure and poor response to SEC inquiries can hinder the listing process, prolonging time and increasing costs.
  3. Regardless of where the listing takes place, drafting the prospectus with great care is crucial because listing is a significant undertaking.
  4. The SEC requires timely and comprehensive responses to inquiries. Failure to provide complete information may lead to multiple queries, potentially hindering the listing process.

Hence, it is crucial for companies seeking to list on NASDAQ to ensure a high level of standardization when submitting their initial documents to the SEC. Opting for public transparency should not compromise the meticulousness and regulatory compliance of the disclosed information, as adherence to standardization forms the bedrock of a successful listing process!

Indeed, the entire process of going public requires careful planning and seeking assistance from professional teams to ensure adherence to standard procedures The significance of well-structured prospectuses and transparent disclosure cannot be overstated, and our experience with multiple successful cases empowers us to facilitate a smoother listing journey. Let us always bear in mind that going public is a serious endeavour, and it is only through rigorous processes and thorough evaluations that a company can achieve success in listing on NASDAQ.

Learn More about Nasdaq Listing:

▲ Hexcellence Team with Catherine (Chao) Shang (middle), Head of APAC Business Development, International Corporate Services at OTC Markets Group

On June 28, 2023, Hexcellence Consulting was invited to attend the Hong Kong Investor Relations Awards (HKIR Awards) Event, at the Grand Ballroom, Conrad Hong Kong. This event was a prestigious gathering that recognized excellence in investor relations, and it provided us with an excellent opportunity to showcase our dedication to staying updated on the latest rules and regulations governing the US capital market.

▲ Executive Vice President & Director of OTC Markets Group / OTC Markets Group International Ltd, Jason Paltrowitz

One of the event’s highlights was the informative speech by Jason Paltrowitz, the Executive Vice President & Director at OTC Markets Group/OTC Markets Group International Ltd. During his speech, Mr. Paltrowitz emphasized the importance of choosing the US capital market and shared valuable insights into recent regulatory updates. His expertise and understanding of market dynamics align perfectly with our commitment to continuously expanding our knowledge to better serve our clients.

As the first ever OTC Markets Premium Provider in Asia Pacific, we believe that keeping up with the ever-changing rules and regulations of the OTC Market is crucial for successfully assisting our clients in listing on the US capital market. We take pride in our ability to stay informed about the latest market trends, enabling us to guide our clients through the complexities of the capital market and provide them with tailored advice that is accurate and reliable.

On June 27, 2023, Hexcellence Consulting and HongYe Financial Group for (宏业金融集团) (“HongYe”), join force as the lead consultant of cross-border listing, and had attended “FOR U” Strategic Press Conference of QiLin XianPin’s (奇麟鲜品) (“QiLin”).

▲ “FOR U” Strategic Conference Site

The event was graced by the presence of QiLin’s Chairman, Liu Hui (刘辉), along with Vice Presidents Dong XingTu (董星图), Xiong Dan (熊丹), and Wang AiGuo (汪爱国), accompanied by the company’s core management team. HongYe’s President, Hong ZhiDa (洪志达), was also in attendance, alongside their core management team including Seah Chia Yee (谢家棋), Yee Chee Yong (余子杨), Zhou KunLun (周昆仑), Jiao HaoTing (焦浩庭), and Wang RuiWen (王锐雯). Representatives from QiLin XianPin’s market board, such as Xu YiMin (徐义民), and market core partners including Hu ChengWen (胡程雯), Deng XiaoYing (邓小英), and Qu WenLiang (曲文良), as well as numerous outstanding service providers of QiLin, were present. Several prominent domestic media platforms, including HangZhou RiBao (杭州日报), QianJiang WanBao (钱江晚报), ZheJiang RiBao (浙江日报), ZhongGuo Lan (中国蓝), and ZheJiang ZhiSheng (浙江之声), also attended the event for coverage.

▲ QiLin XianPin’s Vice President, Dong XingTu

During the opening speech at the press conference, QiLin’s Vice President, Dong XingTu, shared insights on the significant challenges faced by the industry and discussed topics such as finding a path to survival and navigating the post-pandemic era.

He emphasized QiLin’s distinct approach of transcending industry trends, creating a new ecosystem, and refraining from engaging in price wars. QiLin remains dedicated to empowering team leaders, prioritizing service, experience, and health. Their plans include incubating leading brand supply chain companies in segmented tracks during the midterm stage, as well as developing quality solutions. In the long term, they aim to define a quality life for users through algorithmic utilization.

▲ Hexcellence Consulting “FOR U” Strategic Press Conference Team Photo

▲ Champagne Ceremony at “FOR U” Strategic Press Conference

QiLin had previously secured a Series A funding of RMB 30 million from the HeBi JinHe (鹤壁金鹤) Listing Advisory Investment Fund in 2020. Today, it has grown into a community group buying company with hundreds of self-pickup points and an annual transaction volume exceeding RMB 500-600 million.

As the lead consultant of QiLin, Hexcellence Consulting will leverage its professional expertise in the US public listing to provide comprehensive professional services, including support in finance, accounting, legal affairs, taxation, and capital-related areas to assist the project throughout the entire process of listing, from due diligence to stock listing and trading.

▲ QiLin & HongYe Achieving Strategic Cooperation

▲ HongYe’s Chairman, Hong ZhiDa

During the press conference, HongYe’s Chairman, Hong ZhiDa, delivered an important speech. He highlighted HongYe’s role as a public listing consultant and their track record of providing incubation services for numerous domestic and international companies to enter the capital market. Moving forward, HongYe will join forces with us to assist QiLin, taking a global capital perspective to facilitate a smooth listing process.

In late May of this year, QiLin’s executive team visited HongYe’s headquarters and officially signed the agreement for US listing guidance. The convening of this press conference signifies the acceleration of HongYe’s listing guidance work for QiLin.

▲ Managing Partner of Hexcellence Consulting, Seah Chia Yee

Seah Chia Yee, Managing Partner of Hexcellence Consulting, expressed during the press conference, “We are well equipped with capital market professional knowledge and expertise, and we will leverage our experiences and resources to help QiLin and their partners create greater value.”

As a Southeast Asia based consulting firm, our aim is to facilitate valuable connections between domestic enterprises and the international financial market by leveraging our expertise and experience. Situated in the Southeast Asian region, we have witnessed the emergence of numerous emerging growth companies in recent years, actively venturing into the international financial market. With our network of professionals, including legal experts, accountants, and investor relations specialists, we firmly believe that we can provide comprehensive support to these companies throughout the process of listing and fundraising, thus assisting them in their growth.

We are proud to announce our recognition as a member of OTC Markets Premium Provider Directory on June 1, 2023. This prestigious designation sets Hexcellence Consulting apart from competitors and solidifies our position.

▲ OTC Markets June Newsletter

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Hexcellence Consulting has consistently demonstrated exceptional expertise in assisting clients with successful listings on the OTC Markets. 

This recognition by the OTC Market is a testament to our proven success stories, regulatory knowledge, professionalism, and extensive network & resources.

1. Proven Success Stories

Numerous success stories showcase our ability to guide clients through the listing process and help them achieve their goals. With a client-centric approach, our company prioritizes building long-term relationships and ensuring client satisfaction. Positive testimonials from satisfied clients underscore the value and impact of Hexcellence Consulting’s services.

2. Regulatory Knowledge

Navigating the regulatory landscape can be challenging, but Hexcellence Consulting excels in simplifying the process for clients. Our company stays up to date with the ever-evolving regulations of the OTC Markets, ensuring clients remain compliant and meet the necessary requirements to achieve a successful listing.

3. Professionalism

Hexcellence Consulting has built a reputation for excellence, professionalism, and integrity. Our commitment to ethical conduct and delivering high-quality services has earned the trust and respect of clients and industry peers alike. Our company’s strong reputation is a testament to its unwavering dedication to client success.

4. Extensive Network & Resources

Hexcellence Consulting’s vast network of industry professionals, including legal experts, accountants, and investor relations specialists, allows them to provide comprehensive support to clients throughout the listing process. Our strategic partnerships and access to valuable resources ensure that clients receive well-rounded guidance tailored to their specific needs.

With the recognition as an OTC Markets Premium Provider, Hexcellence Consulting continues to pave the way for companies seeking to enter the OTC Markets. By delivering unmatched expertise, demonstrating a track record of success, and prioritizing client satisfaction, Hexcellence Consulting is poised to lead the industry and empower clients to achieve their listing objectives.

To learn more about Hexcellence Consulting’s premium services and how we can assist your company in achieving a successful listing on the OTC Markets, please contact us!

CSL Limited (ASX: CSL; OTCQX: CSLLY), a prominent global biotech company, has successfully transitioned from the Pink market to the OTCQX, enhancing transparency for U.S. investors. Upgrading to the OTCQX Market is a significant milestone, as it allows companies listed on qualified international exchanges through Cross-Trading to leverage their home market reporting to provide information to U.S. investors while adhering to streamlined market standards.

About CSL Limited

CSL, a global biotech leader, offers a diverse range of life-saving medicines for conditions like haemophilia, immune deficiencies, and influenza prevention. Through its three businesses, CSL Behring, CSL Seqirus, and CSL Vifor, the company delivers life-saving products to patients in over 100 countries, employing 30,000 individuals. Combining commercial strength, research and development focus, and operational excellence, CSL continually strives to innovate and empower patients to live their lives to the fullest.

What is SPAC?

A Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) is a type of company that is created with the sole purpose of raising funds through an initial public offering (IPO) with the intention of merging with or acquiring one or more existing businesses or assets. SPACs are often referred to as “shell” companies because they have no specific business plan or operations at the time of their IPO. Once the SPAC has raised enough funds, it will begin the process of identifying and acquiring suitable targets, which is known as the “De-SPAC” process.

Benefits of Merging with SPAC

1. Shoter Public Listing Timeline

The SPAC merger process is typically faster than the traditional IPO process. The SPAC is already a publicly listed company, so the target company can become a public company through a merger with the SPAC in a matter of months, rather than years or more than an IPO process typically takes.

2. Lower Listing Costs

The cost of going public through a SPAC merger is lower than the cost of an IPO. In IPO, the company must pay underwriting fees to investment banks and other expenses associated with the offering. In contrast, the SPAC sponsor typically paid all the listing cost including SEC Counsel fee, leaving more capital for the target company.

3. Reduced Regulatory Scrutiny

The regulatory requirements associated with an IPO can be extensive and time-consuming. A company going public through a SPAC merger may face less regulatory scrutiny, as the SPAC is already a public company that has gone through the IPO process.

4. Greater Valuation and Fundings Certainty

A SPAC merger offers companies more certainty in terms of valuation and funding compared to a traditional IPO. By merging with a SPAC, the company can negotiate terms and ensure a certain amount of funding from the SPAC’s existing pool of capital. This can provide greater financial stability for the company, whereas a traditional IPO can be more unpredictable in terms of the amount of funding raised.

5. Access to Experienced Investors

The investors who back the SPAC are often experienced and well-connected in the financial industry. This can provide the target company with access to valuable contacts, advice, and resources.

Difficulties in Merging with SPAC

1. Lack of Suitable SPAC

There may be a limited pool of suitable SPACs available for merger, particularly if the target company has specific industry or geographic requirements. This can make it difficult for the target company to identify a suitable partner that aligns with their strategic goals.

2. Competition for SPAC

The increasing popularity of SPAC mergers has led to a competitive market for SPACs, with many target companies lying for the attention of a limited number of potential partners. This can make it difficult for the target company to stand out and secure a merger partner that is a good fit.

3. Mismatch in Valuations

The target company may have difficulty finding a public shell company that values the company appropriately. If the target company’s valuation is too high or too low compared to the SPAC’s expectations, the merger may not be feasible or may require significant negotiation to reach agreement on the terms.

4. Shareholder Disagreement

When merging with a SPAC, shareholder disagreement and the risk of money withdrawal are potential challenges for the target company. Shareholders may vote against the proposed merger, which can lead to the redemption of shares for cash and a reduction of available capital.

Many global and Bursa-listed companies view their successful listing as a crucial accomplishment, but they may not be aware of the limitations of solely listing in their home market in Malaysia. These companies may not realize that American investors may be hesitant or unable to invest in foreign markets, and that the information they disclose locally may not be easily accessible in the US. To tap into the largest market for capital expansion and growth, the best approach is to Cross-Trading.

Access To U.S. Capital Markets Increasingly Important For Malaysian Issuers

Malaysian issuers recognize the importance of accessing the US Capital Markets to expand their investor base. Cross-Trading on a secondary market provides an efficient way for companies to establish a presence and attract US shareholders. US investors prefer to see quotes in US dollars during regular trading hours.

What Are The Benefits Of Cross-Trading in the U.S?

There are numerous benefits to Cross-Trading in the U.S:

  • Diversifying your shareholder base
  • Making your financial information, research, pricing and risk assessment more broadly available to U.S. investors
  • Appealing to those investors who prefer securities traded domestically in U.S. dollars
  • Enhancing visibility among broker-dealers by supporting broker and sell-side compliance

Synergies Create Opportunities For Enhanced Liquidity

Cross-Trading provides companies with reciprocal opportunities to improve liquidity in both their domestic and international markets.A recent study by Oxford Metrica found that companies experience a 26% increase in liquidity in their home market and a 67% increase on the OTC Market after joining the OTCQX Market. This provides a cost-effective alternative for international issuers to raise capital and increase global investor awareness.

Furthermore, a strategic alliance between OTC Markets Group and the Canadian Securities Exchange demonstrates the benefits of secondary trading on the OTCQX Best Market/OTCQB Venture Market, including greater access to financial information, increased global investing opportunities, and more efficient trading for investors and the broker dealer community.

Fundamentally, Cross-trading offers a turnkey approach for Malaysian companies, while also providing a valuable opportunity for international companies to expand their global reach and increase their access to capital. By bridging the gap between different markets, cross-trading can create opportunities for growth and expansion.

ARB Berhad is a Malaysian technology company that provides IT software and platform services and is listed on Bursa Malaysia. The company recently spin-off ARB IOT LTD (ARBB) and rasied USD 5 Millions IPO on Nasdaq. This event marks them as the fourth Malaysian issuer to list on Nasdaq since 2022.

What is Corporate Spin-Off ?

Corporate spin-off refers to the process of separating a subsidiary or division of a company into a new, independent entity. While the new entity operates independently, it is still managed by the same management team, and be allowed to present its financial information independently from the parent company.

Why ARB IOT Group Limited Spin-Off From Its Parent Company?

1. Drive Higher Stock Prices

Separating a subsidiary from its parent company enables investors to evaluate its financial performance and potential independently, leading to a potentially higher stock exchange valuation by eliminating the influence of the parent company’s other businesses.

2. Simplify Business Operations and Drive Greater Brand Success

By becoming an industry leader and focusing solely on its core business, it allows them to streamline their operations and improve efficiency and profitability. This creates an attractive proposition for new stakeholders and drives profits, without being hindered by unrelated operations

3. Unlocking Potential

Focusing solely on developing and commercializing a unique product or technology can enable a subsidiary to demonstrate its capability of successfully bringing innovative products or technology to market, which can attract additional investment and partnerships.

Dato' Sri Larry Liew Kok Leong

According to ARB IOT Group’s CEO, Datuk Seri Larry Liew Kok Leong, the company intends to become the top IoT player in the ASEAN region, using its listing on NASDAQ to fuel its growth.

“We believe that being listed on NASDAQ, a globally recognized stock exchange, will not only leverage our listing status but also enhance our business profile and visibility.”

Additionally, he mentioned that ARB IOT Group will prioritize opportunities by focusing on strategic acquisitions to expand their international presence.

Corporate spin-off can be used as a strategy to explore other stock markets with various benefits. If you’re interested, please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us !