On June 27, 2023, Hexcellence Consulting and HongYe Financial Group for (宏业金融集团) (“HongYe”), join force as the lead consultant of cross-border listing, and had attended “FOR U” Strategic Press Conference of QiLin XianPin’s (奇麟鲜品) (“QiLin”).

▲ “FOR U” Strategic Conference Site

The event was graced by the presence of QiLin’s Chairman, Liu Hui (刘辉), along with Vice Presidents Dong XingTu (董星图), Xiong Dan (熊丹), and Wang AiGuo (汪爱国), accompanied by the company’s core management team. HongYe’s President, Hong ZhiDa (洪志达), was also in attendance, alongside their core management team including Seah Chia Yee (谢家棋), Yee Chee Yong (余子杨), Zhou KunLun (周昆仑), Jiao HaoTing (焦浩庭), and Wang RuiWen (王锐雯). Representatives from QiLin XianPin’s market board, such as Xu YiMin (徐义民), and market core partners including Hu ChengWen (胡程雯), Deng XiaoYing (邓小英), and Qu WenLiang (曲文良), as well as numerous outstanding service providers of QiLin, were present. Several prominent domestic media platforms, including HangZhou RiBao (杭州日报), QianJiang WanBao (钱江晚报), ZheJiang RiBao (浙江日报), ZhongGuo Lan (中国蓝), and ZheJiang ZhiSheng (浙江之声), also attended the event for coverage.

▲ QiLin XianPin’s Vice President, Dong XingTu

During the opening speech at the press conference, QiLin’s Vice President, Dong XingTu, shared insights on the significant challenges faced by the industry and discussed topics such as finding a path to survival and navigating the post-pandemic era.

He emphasized QiLin’s distinct approach of transcending industry trends, creating a new ecosystem, and refraining from engaging in price wars. QiLin remains dedicated to empowering team leaders, prioritizing service, experience, and health. Their plans include incubating leading brand supply chain companies in segmented tracks during the midterm stage, as well as developing quality solutions. In the long term, they aim to define a quality life for users through algorithmic utilization.

▲ Hexcellence Consulting “FOR U” Strategic Press Conference Team Photo

▲ Champagne Ceremony at “FOR U” Strategic Press Conference

QiLin had previously secured a Series A funding of RMB 30 million from the HeBi JinHe (鹤壁金鹤) Listing Advisory Investment Fund in 2020. Today, it has grown into a community group buying company with hundreds of self-pickup points and an annual transaction volume exceeding RMB 500-600 million.

As the lead consultant of QiLin, Hexcellence Consulting will leverage its professional expertise in the US public listing to provide comprehensive professional services, including support in finance, accounting, legal affairs, taxation, and capital-related areas to assist the project throughout the entire process of listing, from due diligence to stock listing and trading.

▲ QiLin & HongYe Achieving Strategic Cooperation

▲ HongYe’s Chairman, Hong ZhiDa

During the press conference, HongYe’s Chairman, Hong ZhiDa, delivered an important speech. He highlighted HongYe’s role as a public listing consultant and their track record of providing incubation services for numerous domestic and international companies to enter the capital market. Moving forward, HongYe will join forces with us to assist QiLin, taking a global capital perspective to facilitate a smooth listing process.

In late May of this year, QiLin’s executive team visited HongYe’s headquarters and officially signed the agreement for US listing guidance. The convening of this press conference signifies the acceleration of HongYe’s listing guidance work for QiLin.

▲ Managing Partner of Hexcellence Consulting, Seah Chia Yee

Seah Chia Yee, Managing Partner of Hexcellence Consulting, expressed during the press conference, “We are well equipped with capital market professional knowledge and expertise, and we will leverage our experiences and resources to help QiLin and their partners create greater value.”

As a Southeast Asia based consulting firm, our aim is to facilitate valuable connections between domestic enterprises and the international financial market by leveraging our expertise and experience. Situated in the Southeast Asian region, we have witnessed the emergence of numerous emerging growth companies in recent years, actively venturing into the international financial market. With our network of professionals, including legal experts, accountants, and investor relations specialists, we firmly believe that we can provide comprehensive support to these companies throughout the process of listing and fundraising, thus assisting them in their growth.